Terms and Conditions

Luxury on the Murray Houseboats

Terms and Conditions of Hire

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as you will be required to sign for them prior to departure.

These Terms and Conditions of hire cover all Luxury on the Murray Houseboats.

1. Prices

1.1 Current prices are effective from the 1st March 2023.
1.2 Whilst prices are subject to change at anytime, once the security bond is paid prices quoted will not change.

2. Bonds
2.1 A bond of $1000.00 is payable upon booking to confirm the booking, $1500.00 for New Year’s bookings or an amount to be determined by the proprietor.
2.2 Bookings are not confirmed until the security bond is paid.
2.3 The bond paid is over and above the hire fee.
2.4 All single sex groups will be charged a higher bond which will be determined by the proprietor.
2.5 The bond will be returned within twenty one (21) working days minus the fuel used and any damage, cleaning or other charges applied.
2.6 The crew make-up and ages of the group should be clearly stated to the proprietors prior to booking your holiday in order to have the bond accurately determined prior to arrival. Should the group differ from that outlined when booking, Luxury on the Murray Houseboats reserves the right to either charge an increased bond or refuse the booking without reimbursement of any moneys paid.

2.1 Fuel

2.1.1 All fuel costs are to be paid for by the hirer covering both unleaded and diesel fuel resulting from use during their hire.
2.1.2 At the completion of the hire the hirer is responsible for the full payment for the fuel used during the hire period this is deducted from the bond paid.  If the bond does not cover the full amount then the balance will be made up by the hirer by credit card or cash.
2.1.3 The bond paid is additional to the hire fee and will be refunded less the fuel used and any damage or cleaning charges levied.


3. Payments
3.1 Full payment of the hire fee must be made sixteen (16) weeks prior to the hire.
3.2 Any payments made by MasterCard or Visa card will attract a merchant fee of 2%.
3.3 If the full payment is not made by 10 weeks prior to the holiday then this will be taken as a cancellation and all monies paid forfeited.
3.4 For hires over New Years, Southern 80 and any other bookings as seen fit by management a non refundable part payment/deposit will be required in the July or up to 6 months prior to the holiday for an amount specified by the owners. 

4. Damage
4.1 Any damage to OUR houseboat(s) must be reported immediately so that an assessment can be made and remedial action taken. The costs to rectify any damage caused by the hirer will be taken from the bond, in the event the amount is greater than that available from the bond the hirer shall make good the balance.  If the damage is major and is referred to and accepted by our insurers for action the hirer will be liable for the excess due.

4.2 Any damage caused by the hirer or crew to other vessels or private property is the sole responsibility of the Hirer/Master of Vessel.  The Hirer/Master of the vessel is in control and responsible for the actions of his/her houseboat. 

4.3 In the event of an accident Luxury on the Murray must be advised immediately, details exchanged with the other party and Vessel incident report filled out and provided for submission to Roads and Maritime.

5. General
5.1 Prior to the hirer taking possession and departing the moorings the hirer and all members of the group are required to: • Read and sign the conditions of hire • Provide their full name, address and signature.

5.2 All occupants of the houseboat are required to be present for the safety induction prior to the boat leaving the moorings.
5.3 Arrivals after 5.00 pm will have to wait until the following morning to depart the moorings.
5.4 No boat is permitted to leave the moorings unless a member of our staff has conducted a complete and thorough operational run through and safety induction session covering both the on boat and on water rules and procedures.
5.5 All bookings commence at 3.00 pm on the first day of the hire, and the boat must be returned to the moorings and completely vacated by 10.00 am on the final day of the hire. Houseboats arriving back to the moorings late will attract a late fee which will be deducted from the bond.
5.6 The boat must be returned in good, clean condition otherwise an additional cleaning charge will be levied.
5.7 The boat must remain between the weir at Torrumbarry and go no further upstream than the old Echuca Moama Bridge.
5.8 The houseboat may only travel on the Murray River.
5.9 The houseboat can only travel in daylight hours, it must be pulled in and parked before dark and cannot drive until first light the next day.
5.10 Any person(s) who drive the houseboat must be over 18 years of age, hold a current drivers license and must have signed the terms and conditions of hire document.
5.11 The number of persons on board the houseboat must not exceed the number of berths allowed and licensed to that particular houseboat under NSW Maritime and AMSA regulations at any time whether under way or moored. A breach of this condition will see the hire terminated immediately.
5.12 In the unlikely event that unfavorable river conditions or any unforeseen circumstances arise which may cause danger to the houseboat the proprietors reserve the right to re-arrange the booking. Every effort will be made to give notice in advance.
5.13 We the proprietors agree to have the houseboat, motor and accessories in good order for each hire. We the proprietors are not obliged to compensate the hirer for any loss of time due to any unforeseen mechanical problems that may occur during the hire period.
5.14 No responsibility will be taken for cars, trailers and/or vans etc which are parked on our property.
5.15 No pets, firearms or motorbikes are permitted on the houseboats.
5.16 Should the make up or mix or the group differ from that originally stated to the proprietors at the time of booking we the proprietors reserve the right to increase the bond on the spot or refuse the hire at which time all monies paid will be forfeited.
5.17 We cannot guarantee uninterrupted power supply for medical devices, if a hirer requires the use of a medical device such as a sleep apnea machine you are advised to bring your own back-up power supply for the device.
5.18 Should you bring your own Ski boat, Jet Ski, tinny or any other equipment or vessel it is the hirers responsibility to look after it and by bringing it you do so at your own risk.
5.18 The river can be dangerous if swimming you do so at your own risk, do not swim out in the main channel of the river, if you are a weak swimmer you should bring your own and wear an appropriately fitted life jacket.
5.19 Life jackets are on board your houseboat and available for use, but are a one size fits all, it is your individual responsibility to ensure they are properly fitted. It is our recommendation that parents bring properly fitting life jackets for their children.
5.20 Children must be supervised at all times
5.21 Under no circumstances should any member of the crew jump off the roof or canopy of the houseboat, if this happens it will result in the immediate termination of your hire.
5.22 All crews members agree to not engage in anti social behavior whilst on the river.
5.23 No subletting of the houseboat is permitted.

6.  Drugs and Alcohol

6.1 The hirer(s) understands that it is an offence to operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The blood alcohol limit for operating a vessel is 0.05 if you are over 18 or 0.00 if under 18.   

7. Cancellations
7.1 Cancellation of a booking must be made at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the commencement of the hire.
7.2 If you cancel your booking after paying your bond, you will forfeit your bond, unless that booking is rebooked for the same period of time and for the same hire fee as the original booking. Once the full replacement booking has been taken and paid for in full the bond will be returned, minus a booking fee of $300.00.
7.3 If you cancel your booking after paying your bond and full amount you will forfeit all monies paid until that boat has been rebooked for the same period of time and for the same hire fee. If the boat is rebooked for the same period and for the same hire fee a booking fee of $300.00 will be deducted from the bond.
7.4 Should special advertising have to be undertaken or the hire fee discounted to assist in rebooking the boat the cost of the advertising amount discounted will be deducted from the bond or hire fees paid.
7.5 Our cancellation policy is not negotiable, and hirers are advised to secure separate travel insurance in order to be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation.
7.6 In the event that a booking cannot be taken by the customer or provided by Luxury on the Murray Houseboats due to State or Federal Government or related departmental directive which makes it either illegal or unable to take or supply the hire the following will apply:
a). if only the bond has been paid the business owner may provide an opportunity to reschedule or provide a credit, this is read in conjunction with the total cancellation policy.
b). if the full hire fee and bond have been paid there will be no refund offered of the hire fee, the hirer may be offered the opportunity to reschedule to a time convenient with both parties (conditions apply) with a time frame designated by the business or a credit may be offered for use on another holiday.  This clause has been developed in accordance with NSW Fair Trading regulations.

Upon signing this document the hirer(s) agree that the owner/staff have issued clear instructions on the correct and safe handling of the vessel, location and use of lifesaving appliances, safety considerations, location of fire appliances and any limits of operation of the vessel.

Signed by the Hirer                                                                  Name Printed:

By signing this as the nominated driver of the houseboat I acknowledge that I was provided with a driving induction carried out by a Luxury on the Murray staff member.  I accept my obligations and responsibilities as the driver of this vessel.

Signed by Driver                                                                                  Name Printed: